Green Laundry

I was slightly backed up with laundry and had to get it done, especially since we leave tomorrow for Vail, CO. One thing I learned, to keep up with laundry on a daily basis, 4 people (mostly our two kids) create enough dirty clothing to fabricate a small landmark, or mountain. So, Jay, put up some lines for me today, notice we forgot to hang the underwear in the back. Grandma Slwooko always made sure mine were hidden in the posterior of our clothes line, she understood what kind of humility I'd feel if friends wandered by, good thing they dry pretty fast.

Sarah and Romay had my favorite rendition of agutak, easy to make and simple. We had to substitute blackberries for blueberries, then with the left over blackberries, they put the juice in water and made plain tasting water with a black color.

We live in the upper left hand corner apartment.

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