Chlorine in Galena? Softball Tourney...

So today we wrapped up our time in the 70+ degree weather as the kids played for the gold in the Softball Tournament. The gold won the gold, it's almost 10 and I think Romay is still wearing her medal, I'll check for the line mark around the back of her neck tomorrow morning. Jason helped umpire, I took pictures and chatted with the other moms, and we all worked on our tans, or lack of a tan. We're impressed with the coaches, Kenton and Ryan, they put in a long day, but still had smiles by the time it was all done. Afterwards, as if enough energy wasn't already expedited, the kids got to put on their bathing suits and hang around the pool. I'm pinching myself, ouch, yes, it's all really real, what a great community for families.


Eluciq said...

Hi Myra and family~
I just had to post...as I sneak over to your blog from Andy's blog...and thought...ya know...maybe they would like to know that I am stalking them...giggle:)

I just wanted to say that your life in Galena looks and sounds lovely! Softball, swimming, new friends and community that is welcoming your family in so quickly!

I wish you much happiness in Galena and look forward to seeing more posts.

tiff (the mushers wife or the twins mama)

GDub said...

Sounds like you guys are off to a good start in Galena. I'm actually surprised with how much there is to do in Galena. I used to think that there wasn't much civic structure. (Not sure why I thought that!)

Tell Ethan the Man and Roar-may I said 'hello'.

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