Family Bonding...

Our family joined the Kortas' for a delicious meal of enchiladas, they have 3 wonderful children that kept Ethan and Romay on their toes, which allowed the parents the time to chit chat. As you can see, John is building quite the abode, behind this is a lot of about 30 dogs. He's completed the Iditarod, twice, and his son is nicknamed "musher" by the softball coaches, which he responds to, not surprisingly. We've also shared a meal with the Moos family and unfortunately, I forgot my camera that day. I just wanted to share a little of the open arms that have graciously extended our way, thank you, we're grateful!

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Eluciq said...

The Kortas' are Yurt folks...love the doggie yard...I think we will miss our dogs when we move to Colorado.

It certainly sounds like the people in Galena are a perfect match for your family...that is so cool!