Moving Boxes, Again

Jay and I bid on a small shed to house our extra belongings that just can't seem to make it into the tiny apartment. I don't do to well with clutter, easier to clean in my opinion and well, it gives me a good excuse that "we just don't have to room to be able to bring that into the apartment." What makes it a special sort of kind of novelty is that some of our former students helped build it, former Koyuk kids attending GILA. Although it doesn't sound exciting no matter how I pitch it, we consolidated boxes today, making more room for storage. I wore about two layers of deep woods perfume (Cutter brand, not that expensive, about 10.00 a bottle, ha!) while doing this, listened to music and got something accomplished off my "to do list." Oh, a griz was spotted today in town, so, everyone is making sure our kids are watched and with an adult when going places.

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