Another Full Day

Today started with Myra getting out of bed and me refusing for some time to move... "Maybe if I just keep my eyes closed and fake that I'm still asleep, I won't have to start the day yet..." The problem was that there was sourdough that she had going and good French Press coffee sitting out on the kitchen counter and I don't care how strong a man's resolve is, there is no fighting the super natural strenth of Myra's sourdough and good black coffee.

After a heavenly breakfast, the day got rolling and just would not slow down enough to be able to sit down. We took care of some business at the District Office, rode out to the post office on the other side of town, then to where our boxes are stored at the air base... three long bed truck loads later and we had most of our worldly belongings out in our driveway... had signs been posted I am sure people would have stopped for a yard sale. We drove the truck back out to the base, picked up our Honda and got back just in time to meet the loader that was dropping off our new shed (thanks guys).

Our pile of cra... treasure was about fifteen yards from the shed and so we moved it one more time. Those boxes have been handled so many times and are starting to take on the consistency of cooling oatmeal. Inside for a late lunch (3 o'clock), quick call from Dad, off to softball practice with the kids and planting in the community garden with Genny Brown for Myra and I.

We came back and had a dinner that tasted like a feast to me. Myra took Romay and Kemper for a bike ride and I crashed on the bed (the middle of our living room floor). Where did the day go? Work was truly a joy today and my cup runneth over. Myra and I are both at the point where our bodies are happily tired and ready to sleep the deep sleep of contenment.

Again, thanks Genny, and all of the Galena people who have made Myra, our kids, and I feel so at home already.

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Tera said...

Your garden looks awesome! ...Or it will in a few weeks. :) That's so cool Galena has a community garden. Neat. You guys should talk gardens with Gary when you see him. He's super stoked about his too.

I'm really enjoying the pics and the posts. Looks like you guys made the right choice in moving to Galena and I'm happy for you. The contentment and joy you guys are feeling right now is contagious.