Thursday Night Rendezvous...

With a pile of PAPERS TO GRADE, yay, I'm convincing myself, or fooling myself, the more I say it. The second week of school has just about concluded, just remember I have hormone filled, shaky emotional, AWESOME 6th-8th graders. Need I say more? I'll have to share some truly golden classroom moments one of these days. If I were playing a round of poker, I'd say I'd been dealt a fair hand of cards. My true passion comes in seeing a challenging goal, over time, being met by students efforts, while I get to share in their learning experience. Of course, one of my greatest teachers, basketball, has many relevant parallels to student learning. Thanks to the individual that invented the power of metaphor, we now can find many connections to everyday classroom situations through the great unofficial sport of Alaska, basketball. Anyways, before I ramble on, a quick update on life.
-Jason is currently sighting in his .306 to successfully bring home the beef of the interior, moose.
-Romay is flourishing in her 5th grade classroom, she sees herself being a great Battle of the Book competitor in the coming
-Kemper keeps us all happy, he's been improving with the heel command.
-I'm taking ground school (soon flight training) with the GILA instructor, my brain enjoys the stretching it needed and
wanted, dream #2 (obtain a private pilot license) is on the horizon.

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