Pre-Moose Hunting Picture

This was taken Thursday night, after sighting in his rifle. Jason turns into quite a character when it comes to a few things: hunting, trapping, and talking about ingenuity with the current energy crisis. It's almost like some sort of twilight zone focus he has, puts his mind to it and off he goes. He left with a fellow colleague, Todd Brown to scope out the Yukon for potential freezer filler, moose. Yum. Meanwhile, Romay is socializing it up at her friend, Sarah's, having one of many sleepovers. So, it is a bit quiet in the apartment tonight, hey, a great time to do some obligatory reading in chapter two for ground school. I'm a bit excited, still, at this opportunity to learn to fly here in Galena. Chapter two involves parts of the plane, the powerplant and related systems, and flight instruments. It's guaranteed to be a bit on the heavy side of reading, where there is a will, there is a way. And my way it to finish up the chapter in the morning with my own special cup of an Irish Cream latte. Just imagine, getting ready to fly in beautiful Alaska, with a hot steaming cup of coffee, SIGH. My dreams are simple.

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Haviland's said...

turns into? myra - jason is a charachter - a true gem.
flight school - wow!
moose hunting - fun - hope all goes well with that.
ours is almost over and although i did not personally shoot it i had the chance to help cut us 2 so the freezer is brimming - yummy!
you all take care - bless you all.