My Other Classroom

The facility at the GILA campus for flight is quite the facility, especially considering we're a town of what, 750 or so. Flight instruction started for me this past monday. Noel and I did about an hour of ground school and stepped outside to the other class, the Cessna 150. Although I was a little rusty with some minor things, Noel said I did a nice job of maintaining control of the airplane, what does this mean? Well, I did a decent take off and practiced slow flight, basic turns, and did two rounds of landing. There is just a neat high I get from the various aspects and details to pay attention to: procedures during different stages of flight, a bit of sightseeing, developing a good relationship with Noel, taking the controls in a 3 dimensional playground...my brain appreciates the different functions and the fact that it needs to work with other parts of my brain to make this all work. Plus, I have a strange attraction to a whiff of airplane exhaust now and then, hahaha.


DuneMoose said...

This is freakin' awesome! Can I fly with you sometime? Maybe go pick me up for get-together.

Trappin' & Coffee said...

Oh man Doug, going to class twice a week is often the highlight of my week. The David Clark headset is a huge hit, real comfy, THANKS. I'll make a trip to KKA sometime this late fall. Where are you working again?