Moose ran by fresh

Todd, a neighbor/friend from work, and I got a chance to get out this weekend in search of moose. It was a great opportunity for me to get to know him better as well as learn the art of Yukon moose hunting from a guy who has been pretty successful over the last ten or so years.
We headed out after work on Friday and down the river. The Yukon is a real maze to me right now and I am still trying to learn it, the channel, names of backwaters and hills, and where the heck I was this weekend. With that in mind... I am going to be a little vague. "Where did you guys shoot the moose this weekend?" "In the neck," will be the only possible reply I will be able to make.
After hunting Friday night, all of Saturday, we woke to the sound of rain on Sunday morning. It seemed like the perfect excuse to stay in our bags. We got up around 9, made and ate breakfast, cleaned up camp and got ready to go at another day of looking for the world's largest deer. A quick trip to the dry lake behind where we were camping... huh, a moose. We got into position, the moose spotted us early on in the game and as the two strange looking two-legged creatures got closer, he figured he would get out of there. Todd yelled, the moose stopped, Todd shot, and the moose disappeared. One good shot to the neck and the moose fell so quickly that Todd lost track of it completely.
The moose now hangs in his garage... we will begin cutting it up tomorrow after work.


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most excellent

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Congrats dude - that's awesome! You guys got dinner for the whole winter! Luckyyyyy!