Maria, a colleague and GHS school counselor, Romay and I took a leisurely evening hike lastnight to unwind from the busy week. What a great time. Romay was happy to run around in the woods, climb hills, and build her own fire. Kemper equally appreciated getting out as he is the only one home all week while the rest of us are at school. We built a fire on the Yukon river banks and got to smirk at GILA kids swimming in the cold river. Thats right, I had to remind myself, it's September 12th and hey, whatever keeps the kids thinking that they are experiencing unique things here. How could a fire roasted hot dog, marshmellows, washed down with hot chocolate go wrong? We watched the sun set, had a few good laughs (I MISS LAUGHING with friends, it keeps me balanced and happy), and sported a moose in one of the grassy lakes on our way home. Now, Romay and I are enjoying a nice saturday morning breakfast and watching the Discovery Channel. Jason is out on his 2nd moose hunt, we'll see if he brings home more work, I mean, meat, later on today!

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