The Times, They Are a Changin'

Okay, so if you have not yet heard... Gov. Palin is McCain's new running mate. If that is not news that fits this title, I don't know what is... however, that is not the point of this post.

While our nation's political future is uncertain to us, God continues to be in control and has evidenced this in the world that we are seeing around us. What a beautiful artistic hand He has. His handiwork can be seen in the yellows of the birch and cottonwood this autumn as well as the reds showing up in the currants and some of the other underbrush surrounding Galena.

The deciduous trees in Galena have been a true joy to Myra, the kids, and I this summer. "Is that rain?" was the question often asked by the two kids who had never lived around trees with leaves before. Now, we are enjoying a change in color from the grass on the ground to the leaves at the tops of the trees.

My and I ran out to the lot today with the dog to take a few pics of the change. Hope that these pictures can give at least a hint to some of the beauty we took in today.

God bless,
Jay, My, Romay, and Kemper

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