Recapping Life...

I can't remember the orders of pictures that I'm posting, but here is a brief explanation for them.

The picture of swan feet was taken in February, cause we ate him/her on Valentine's Day (Koyuk). How the animal that barely fit into the roaster, mind you it is a large roaster, stays in the air is beyond my understanding. We're gearing up for bird hunting here soon in Galena and have a spot scoped out. Dad is a die hard bird hunter, the dog follows closely behind, as well as a little girl. Another picture...Dad and Romay getting ready to roast brats on our property trail, we'll have to fit a few more of those in this fall. By the way, we ordered pilings, the structural foundation for our house. They are 21 feet long, we ordered 17 steel pilings, 3.5 inch outer diameter, for those of you who really care about those kinds of details. Finally, another shot of the go cart, this one taken from our living room window. We have the essential vehicles for the bush, minus the boat: 4-wheeler, snowmachine, and go cart...who really needs a car or truck. I started flight school with our GILA flight instructor, Noel. As time passes, maybe we'll get another essential bush worthy vehicle, a plane. Well, that is a brief update/blast from the past. We'll post as best as we can while our camera is being repaired.

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