More Property Pics

Rain, rain, and more rain today. These are more pictures from yesterday as we did not get a chance to get out to the lot in what was a mostly rainy day. It does give a little bit of a recap of what was really fun from the day before... cutting trees, camp fire, roasting meat and then whatever it is that marshmellows are made out of (makes you wonder doesn't it?). I don't think a person ever outgrows the thrills that those things give.

We (Myra) also got ahold of the company that we will most probably buy our pipe from for the foundation pilings. Little by little, things get taken care of. I take joy in seeing trees coming down where the house will stand and firewood going up that will heat that house. Those are things I can touch and understand right now. Banks, financing, house plans, drain fields... those are all in the abstract at the moment. The sparkling new chain saw rumbling in its happy vibratory dance in my hands is so much more tangible.

For now, the kids will need to be satisfied with the feeling they get from the bow saw... considering the number of times I was hit by random pieces of wood from an individual that will remain un-named... the chainsaw will wait a couple of years and then only be handed over with fear and trembling.


Eluciq said...

awe...fun to watch you going through all that we have done only two years ago...chopping & chainsawing each tree that will open a space big enough to make a home...plus all that great fire wood...take time to relax...I guess it is nice that you have a roof over your head while you are doing all this hard work...better than a tent. :)

Anonymous said...

The tree's aren't terribly thick, eh? What's the largest tree's there?

henry said...

lots of trees u guys cut man skinnier then ours and taller