Latest With my Greatest...

-Our camera will be repaired, great news! Somehow one of us (might offend the person, hee), managed to break the screen, which the company boasts "unbreakable if dropped from 10 meters." I'll leave it at that.
-Charging the go cart battery, the day after the rim mysteriously seperated from the tire...hitting something, how it was done, I DON'T KNOW, regardless of stories we got...Jay and I took it to the air compressor, convinced it to stay a certain shape and it closed around the rim well. "I never" had some kind of role, when and if we ever catch "I never", they'll take a thorough beating...
-Putting in a musk ox roast tonight for bar-b-q musk ox sandwiches!! We like sunday to be low key, so we try to prepare food ahead of time. Gram used to do as much work on saturday to have the Sabbath off, laundry, some cooking, great day of rest and visiting times.
-We started work this past wednesday, I'll post some pictures to show our surroundings and work places.

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