Agriculture Fair Day

Yesterday, although it was my proclaimed sacred saturday, allowed for our family to experience our first Galena Ag. Fair. At about 10:30 ish am, Romay, Dad, and I shuffled along the dirt roads of Galena, looking to finish a 3 mile run. Jason, with his natural long strides, came in first, while Romay and I leisurely ran. Let me say a word about Romay's friend, Sarah. Sarah is about 80 pounds, with a backpack full of rocks. She has this piercing high pitched voice, what a set of lungs! She would sprint, wearing her backpack and headphones, start yelling at Jason, me, & Romay, about how she's tired or need to slow down, while we're just concentrating on breathing. How she can run, get out of breath, and yell at the same time, beats me. If I did that, I'd be concentrating on too many things at once and have to give up something. ANYWAYS, quilts, giant cabbage, canoe races, chili, icecream, and crafts allowed us to give another reason why we like living here. I just don't want to give up another saturday soon, since work has started, meanwhile, I'll catch up with rest...sometime.

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