Subtle Changes

So, let's start with a quiz... what do you notice being different in this photo?

Was came over to pick up the coffee shop that he and Gene bought from us earlier this week with a little help from the local Cat loader and operator, Vince. It was cool to be able to work with both of the guys as it gave me an excuse to hang out with them one last time... my comment to Was was, "Boys never really grow up, their toys just get bigger." Man, I felt like I was playing in the sandbox again with Brian and Tim.

So, Vince drove the loader up onto the deck... which just happens to have been laid down when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, and the massive machinery crawled up and then immediately broke through... considering the tires cost around $5000 a piece and we were looking for an excuse to see what kind of cool damage to the deck we could do with something that has the strength of Godzilla, we began tearing it up with the help of the forks. Would be nice to have some video or stills of the carnage in action, but alas, I am home alone without a camera (the photo I did get is with the computer's built in camera). Put in some boyish sandbox sound effects and pull out your lincoln logs and tonka trucks and you can kind of re-enact it on your own. Tera, you'll just have to borrow some of Matt's or Reuben's. Doug, go pick up some new ones and we'll play when I get to Anchorage in a couple of days.

Well, now the deck is torn up and piled "neatly" to the side where the bssd guys can come clean it up as they were going to pull out the deck this summer anyway. The coffee shop still needs to move. After an thirty minutes, which my wife knows from living with me is actually an hour, and about four different approaches, Vince gets a good hold of the shop on the forks. It is at this point where I know I was not cut out to be a heavy equipment operator. Vince drives that Cat like it is some kind of delicate ballet he is performing in (one that Tim Taylor would be proud of). My nerves were about fried as he drove up the steep incline that is our drive with the coffee shop balanced just perfectly. At any moment, I was afraid that it would lose balance, twist and become a pile of matchsticks in the middle of the road. Not so, Gene is now happy to be able to see her new very well built shed standing outside of her window. I am happy that her well built shed withstood the parade around town.

Good night.


Tera said...

Can I bring my lincoln logs to Anchorage and play too?

I saw your family when they passed through. They were kind enough to stop by the office and tame my misery a little (my day had been filled with many a mundane task). One of the kids mentioned something about time and Romay alluded to converting it to "Jason time."

So will the Mutes have daily coffee shop specials like "Goose of the Day" or quaq (for those hot summer days)? I think they should. :)

Haviland's said...

i will miss you folks!
i hope our paths continue to cross!