I'm not 10, I'm 12

Kevin (our principal who really knew Ethan was 12), kept wishing Ethan a Happy 10th birthday, that's what "uncles" do, right? They lovingly give you a hard time and meanwhile, a good chuckle is had, usually by the adults. Ethan had a small gathering, it worked out perfectly, I almost want this birthday repeated over and over for future parties. What I mean, the games had so much more focus and we laughed a lot since kids weren't nervous of the larger crowd or disruptions from too many kids going in different directions. It was quite managable with the crazy season of school and getting ready to move, laid back, just what we all needed.

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Tera said...

Happy Belated 10th Birthday Ethan! Wow, 10 years on this earth. How time flies. Boy, just imagine what it'll be like when you turn 12. It's totally different.


Happy Birthday Ethan!