Nonsensical Jibberish

I remember coming back to the village. From Spokane, Washington to Elim and Koyuk, Alaska. The English language, or part of it, at it's most, confusing. Let me add more breadth to that statement with a few one liners straight from the "vil!"

From Koyuk:
"Hubs man, real cheap" (Hubs is short for Hubber* ...this is a common expression in which hubs can be translated as cheap)

"Man, this chair is bony." (After a gal sat on a chair, looked to be in deep thought for a moment, then was dissatisfied with the hard chair)

"Dad went up river and PRETTY SOON he saw a flock of cranes....." (pretty soon is understood to be a length of time, depending on the context of the story, it can be minutes or days)

"Not too pretty good" (not good)

From Elim:
(Myra in class) "First, let's review some of the highlights from yesterday's reading on the Reconstruction Period."
(Kids in class) "Ten Bucks" (which always meant, nah, or make me)

"RRRRRRREEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" (The more you can pronounce each letter and extend it, the more convincing you can be!)

"You come?" (After returning from summer break, not being in the village for a couple months, simple greetings after a hug and smiles...pretty standard in other villages)

In conclusion, I can write a short explanation of my thoughts on moving.

5 years ago, I moved from Unalakleet to Koyuk...and pretty soon, Jason and I got jobs in Galena. Hubs, had to pack lotsa boxes. Jason and I took our Honda to the post office and the roads were not too pretty good, rrrreeeeeaaaaalllll bony seat I was sitting on. Jay wanted me to carry in boxes, even with my weak knee and I replied, "ten bucks." We saw our post master and she said, "you come?"


Anonymous said...

man, dish post is reel sumkinda. Man her spellin is no good, reel poor.

Haviland's said...

oh my goodness
i wish i could hear the story in person with all your inflection
i think i would be rolling on the floor crying with laughter

Tera said...

Ii-nik-kii una. Man, sometimes you always never been tell me these kindsa stories alright. Rrrreeeeeaaaaallll somekinda you are. Guess I better take you out that way (insert hand gestures) and, sure enough, pretty soon you'll learn. Tavra.