Auto Self Clean, Hotdogs for Lunch

Part of the reality of moving is the to get the oven to look as if it's brand new, the range wasn't a problem, but the petrified food in the oven was. Darn, so in the middle of packing boxes, running errands, and making sure Gram was comfortable, I decided to start the 5 hour time block needed to get it cleaned. Not long after, Romay decided that hot dogs, marshmellows, and pop would be the perfect diet and we'd better go outside so we wouldn't get contact high from the food that was now turning into fumes. It really smelled like a glorified steak house with oven burnt crispys mixed together, good thing I remembered to let the dog out too after shuffling people outside. So, Gram is shown, being wrapped up like a burrito in the 36 degree weather and not to mention that it was Jason's last work day in the BSSD, so it sort of turned into a mini celebration of some sorts, if you can say cheese dogs and cheetos are appropriate for such an occasion.

Granny, inside later on, taking in the view and then....going to make our family's all time favorite breakfast food...sourdough pancakes!!!!!! I just mixed a batch tonight for her to try my recipe. She's always made them for me, us, our family, so I'm curious about her upcoming opinion.


Anonymous said...

I miss Gram's pancakes! When I'd fly into Unalakleet from Shaktoolik, after saying hi and hugging Gram, first thing I'd do is see if there's leftover pancakes. They are just as good cold as they are fresh (well, not really, but still good)

Tera said...

Ohhhh you made pancakes? Can I visit? :)

From the pics, it looks like you guys have really packed up. Wow! Exciting.