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When Jay and I moved to Koyuk 5 years ago, these students were in 8th grade, with the exception of those who moved here later. With Koyuk having a population over 300, we celebrated it's largest graduating class ever, seven. History in the making and as I was writing that earlier comment, my mind reminded me of Koyuk only having one graduate three years ago.

Traditionally, during graduation, all the mothers in Koyuk sing a song, "Precious Memories." The bleachers pretty much empty out :) I've gotten to sing it twice now, sniff sniff, makes me think of my grandma and that's an instant happy tear for me!


Highlights from that day:
Teacher water skips across the river with one of the graduates!
Students tell of risky curious experimentation with Clorox.
High school student is committed to attending Alaska Christian College!

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