Seeing Red

Jason and I were going to put my trap in a certain place, by dump. I didn’t’ think we would catch anything for a couple of days, but Jason thought it was just a matter of time. Ethan, Chris (Kevin’s son-n-law), and Dad went to check my trap. Jason came back to the house to tell me that I caught a fox. I reacted so excitedly that I couldn’t barely get dressed. We sped fast to my trap.

A black socked red fox was frightened of the sight of me. I shot it three times with Ethan’s .22 since I did not bring my own. Holy was its name. It had a white butt and a long black, white, and red tail.

It was my first fox. I am going to skin it (with help from Jason the professional), and stretch it. We’ll send it off, I’ll keep it and hang it in my new bedroom when we move.


Haviland's said...

Wow!! What an awesome experience!
Happy New Year!

coffeetraps said...

thanks from Romay