Savage .22

WOW, This Christmas present was a huge hit with the kids! Secretly, afterall it seems that part of the prerequisite for parenting is how well one can keep secrets, Jay and I talked with our principal as he asked if it were okay to get the kids .22's for Christmas. Both kids have BB guns and figured the upgrade would be nice, therefore also, we began talking about boundaries to set for the kids. How to handle it and you know, you can fill in the blank with your standard gun safety training. Well, they arrived the 26th with Kevin's son in law. Kevin had cleverly crafted a mini-tresure hunt with clues that led the kids to a closet in His apartment, I enjoyed watching the hunt and anticipation growing with each successful step taken. So, when the kids finally pulled out the guns, I saw a look of utter surprise and one that seemed to say, "Ma, these really ours?"

Jay took the kids out shooting today, he estimates about 100 rounds of shooting each. Romay had read a biography on Annie Oakley and was dreaming of possibilities. I'm glad Jay encouraged her to stick to the basics. On our gun cabinet, since the kids guns are pretty much identical, there is a paper that lists the kids names and serial numbers under each name. Obviously, in it's entire importance, the guns are not to be mixed up and used by the wrong kid. There is something sacred about keeping possessions to one's own likeness.

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