It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Ever feel like that? We're not exactly going through a revolution, except in a sense that the cycle of whether or not we really have a lot in Koyuk repeats weekly. Let me back up and explain a few things, afterall, this very event could determine our future; as to where that future may be, Koyuk, or someplace else; here are the details.

October: Jason finds a website called First Day Cottages. We look at the construction details and materials. We receive more information and fall in love with the layout of natural wood, both inside and outside.

November: We begin negotiating with a gentleman in town that "owns" (I'll explain the quotation marks later) a lot that is on bedrock, in the trees, and overlooks the bay...a spectacular location to put a house! Later on, we come to an agreement on a price and present this to the city for them to approve. We asked the city to approve the transfer of ownership from this particular gentleman to us. We begin to see Koyuk as a permanant home and become excited over building! Also at this point, we have talked with First Day Cottages quite a bit and even started discussing floor plans. We become known to the sales reps as "those people from Bush Alaska," which is a good thing, because the office workers all knew about the Harris' in Koyuk who want their product.

December: City Council meets and we learn how difficult the land game really is. It turns out that the city is unsure as to who the real owner of the lot really is. According to the recorders office, the city owns the lot...according to others, a particular gentleman owns the lot. Now, a gravel pad was laid down, which shows ownership (a rule states that laying a gravel pad is considered an improvement...current rule states that a building must go up within two years of sale in order to maintain ownership)....SO...the question in mind is....Who really does own the lot? I am leaving out a few other details, but this is it in a nutshell. We are waiting until the next city meeting, next month to find out if it's possible for us to acquire this land.

Jason signs his contract in February for a renewal as far as teaching in Koyuk...so, it'll come close to coming down the wire as far as major decisions. Our apartment is small for 2 adults, 2 growing children and an active Lab. Please keep us in prayer as we find out what the city decides next month. We are open to the idea of moving, possibly to a new district, if we do not get the land.

Anyways, we're just enjoying today...Jay and I escaped 23 miles out of town to look for caribou and got skunked. It was just nice to get out. Ethan and Romay went skiing 4 miles out of town. Okay, bye for now!


Haviland's said...

in the best interests of koyuk i hope you get the lot

in the best interests of bssd i hope you get the lot

but in your best interests i hope you get the guidance to make and oversight to make the best choice for yourselves

but i sure like having you folks in the vicinity

peace out

Tera said...

Well said havilands.

The DO had the Christmas party on Wednesday and families were invited. Dad and I opted not to participate in the gift exchange and chatted near the food. :) We saw the photos of all the sites (upstairs near the boardroom) and Dad asked where your guys' plot of land is. So I pointed it out and I felt really cool when I did ... felt like I knew what I was talking about! :)

Alongside you guys, I trust that it will all work out one way or another. As much as I'd love to be next door neighbors, I guess I can share you guys with Koyukans. :) Thinking of you!

Merry Christmas!