Christmas Chain of Events 2007

Christmas Eve 6:00 pm: Jason makes a special bean dip along with wing dings. Although the Beerbower/Harris family in Michigan isn't present in the icy north, we feel close as we experience their traditional recipes. As if this weren't enough, he fries up some bacon fried rice. For dessert, Romay makes a plate of cookies from dough that Gram Slwooko sent. Before this, Romay and Ethan; with the more steady hand and pickiness of Romay, make a Gingerbread house. Berry, the dog we are sitting for Jeni, sneaks and eats some of the gum drops off the house. Never in her life has she seen such distaste for dogs that steal treats from a work of art.

8:00 pm: The family sits with content bellies, with anticipation of receiving their new pajamas to sleep in on Christmas Eve. Every year, new pajamas are presented to begin the festivities of Christmas and it seems to help with the figity fingers that are quivering with anxiousness to open those shiny colored packages. We retire to watching "The Christmas Story."

11:00 pm: Jay and I escape to Jeni's apartment and wrap the remaining gifts for the kids. A magical atmosphere is still present, although we are tired. Somehow, stories of past Christmas enter our conversation and the time seems to stand still, although our hands are busily cutting and wrapping.

12:00 am: It's officially Christmas and the village kid are now riding around town. Slightly annoyed with the engines roaring as they pass by, the peacefulness welcomes our fatigued state. "Merry Christmas," I whisper to Jay, who is barely awake and whispers back the same wish.

CHRISTMAS DAY...more to come later on....

A picture of mom making lattes for the family!

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