Purple Pillow Hats and Sunsets

This past week, like all weeks, was busy. Last Monday we returned from Nome to -35 to -40 weather. The whole week invloved watching the thermometer to see what kind of crazy cold would be in store for the day. Luckily, we didn't hit -50, it ONLY reached -46 at the coldest! HA! In this kind of weather, the car windshield stays frosty, because the heater doesn't even want to work. Since then, it has warmed to -22 and it was something else to not have to bend over the steering wheel in order to see out the nonfrosted part of the windshield.

About the purple pillow hat. The pictures are from Gram's apartment, of course Romay was laughing at herself and then made anyone who was willing to put it on wear it. She is silly. She is improving with swimming. Jason says that she may be ready to competitively swim next season if she wants to. We got a call today from UPS. I was relaxing in my bedroom. There was a roar after she hung up the phone. Her new swimsuit had arrived, along with Dad's new suit and my swim cap and goggles. She got a grab bad suit and wore it for a couple of hours before she went to the pool.

Jason works so hard. The house we live in has a wood boiler and Jason keeps it running when we are home. He loves to work with wood and going to start fires to keep the cost of the oil fired boiler down. He is also ferverently planning for our upcoming building project this summer, a home. We are going with the first day cottage design. He can't wait to get the ball rolling, until then, he is planning, planning, planning.

Well, another week upon us. We're thankful for each other. Each of us does a job and we work together to keep things going, one body and many parts. God be with you this week!

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