Ellen is 80!!??

Food, people, laughter, Gram loved her party. She definitely enjoyed her moments in the spotlight on her 80th birthday with stories she shared about her life, with an open story sharing time as the "icing on the cake." I heard terms of endearment, "Auntie Ellen, Gram, Nome Mom, Mom." Because of her light stroke earlier this year, she has limited her intake of fats and salt, but not on this particular night. She glowed with delight as she tenderly ate Marlene's fish agutak, something she has pushed aside from her restrictions, except at her party. As she opened presents, it was evident that people know what she likes...tea, hence the tea pot and books, as she remarked, "thank you, you know I love to read..." And she is a reader indeed. She even remarked, "I'll do more on my 90th birthday..." meaning, maybe she'd like to fly someplace different, why hold limits with age?

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