Christmas Break '09

What a refreshing time off from what seemed to be a long haul since August. As you can see, Jason, and I say Jason because he did most of the work, hauled sill logs from a nearby slough for our foundation of our house. Each tree presented different challenges. We did find creative ways to get a chainsaw bar stuck from the tree pinching the chainsaw bar, gravity and wood have an amazing combination and a 16'' bar doesn't slice like butter all the time. Then, as if that weren't enough, it was another thing to get the heavy log onto the sled. Jason only put out his back once from all the lifting. That night, because of his discomfort, I tried every trick, about 4-5 ways, in trying to pop his hip into place. Kemper had the touch. The next day, Jason was drinking coffee, reading a book on the bed with the dog laying on his lap. He sneezed and "click" in it went. Well that was easy, I'll have a good reason to tickle his nose with a piece of hair for those hip displacements. Jeni, a great friend from Koyuk, came and spent Christmas with us this year. We heard ourselves say, "next year, we can..." as it is tradition, almost 3 years ongoing, that she makes it into Galena. We had an uplifting time as we talked about God working through us and of course, the challenges and sharpening we're going through! She is a true friend and I'll have to say that she is one good cook! Well, now we're back to work. Its a good start when we're not grumbling all too much, it'll be good to see the kids again.

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