The Wood Meiser

Another incredibly cool aspect of Galena is people's dependance on burning wood for heat. This is actually the middle school math/science teacher I work with. Our house we'd like to buy happens to be right next to his. They have a wonderful family and they share some of the same passions as our household: fellowship, milling wood, duck hunting, and just having a plain 'ol good time, to name a few. Don't you just love the aroma of freshly cut wood??
The house we'd like to buy might include two lots, this small log cabin is on the other lot. Oh the possibilities!!


Eluciq said...

now that is a wood pile! and I agree freshly cut wood smells the best...or freshly chopped wood...I do miss that about our home in Alaska...no wood to chop here at our house in Colorado...well not yet! :)

matthew said...

Are you saying you might have two houses. Hmmm... a guest house, a possible bead and breakdfast. I must buy a plane ticket now!

henry said...

holy crap did someone beat u up hacome u never kick there ! u know what iam saying that is a cool house are is that a cabin it looks fun miss u guys love HENRY ADAMS