The '54's blackout lights, now theres something you don't see everyday!
Some of you are aware of the presence of the Air Force in Galena in the past. Well, as a result, old vehicles lay parked behind various nooks and crannies. This beauty was found tucked behind some willows. A 1954 'Deuce And a Half," which is appropriately named for its carrying capacity. Jason has plans for restoring it someday and the supportive side of his wife nods and thinks her husband should just concentrate on the broken down truck we currently have...does growing up in Michigan have anything to do with his love of old cars and trucks? I LOVE his creative mind and ability to see potential in something I would pass by and miss without blinking.
What in the world? Its looks as if Jason suffered abuse and is that a smirk as well? For the maintenance minded, his body was proped under our Bronco II for a mere 5 hours. In this time, he managed to remove the starter, skid plate, and the front part of the wheel axle. This may not seem like much until you realize that the bolts fused to the frame or whatever, allowing Jason to test his patience. He even managed to strip his gear wrench, a testament to his manlyhood! (hehe). Well, in the middle of that, blood began trickling down his nose and I didn't see him stop and as you can see, clean up that mess. So, with grease, blood and sweat beaming off his face, Jason was able to utilize mans other greatest gift to women, a hot shower and soap! (I'm not sure what THE greatest is????)
Although summer solstice has not officially come yet, teachers in bush Alaska know not to wait until such a date to start their anticipated summer. Many of you know that the Yukon flooding threatened many villages along its banks. Thankfully, Galena wasn't included in the disaster. A benefit, for the kids, was high lake water. Romay and Sarah explored our back yard in their inflatable canoe. Now, a little over a week later, the lake bed is under effect from the water cycle as it has pretty much evaporated. Summer is here!!

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