One Dream Down, Another Dream Up

Lets just say that the banks idea of building in the bush (hire a contractor, pay insurance, etc) and the extra time needed to push more paperwork extended into the deadline for building this summer. We really did push hard to see if it would be possible, but yet, when you are lining up the kit leaving the mill, to making barge lines and it all coordinating together, time ran out...so we had our pity party and realized God had different plans. We can't say how frustrated we often were, especially since we have worked with banks since last October. Its not that our credit was poor, or any kind of financial reasoning, other than, the word "Bush" made all the banks queasy. Well, pity parties don't last long around our household and so for a couple of weeks we have been looking at a place to buy. Of course, now that we have put building plans down, we are just excited to possibly be home owners soon. Six years of renting, I hate to consider the math from the sum of those years in rent. Alas, here are some photos. The owner will be in Galena this week, he was once a resident and moved on to Fairbanks. SO, we give you the latest dream of the Harris' household!


Eluciq said...

oh bummer...i was so looking forward to watching your dream house go up...BUT...this how looks amazing from the outside! I hope that everything works out for you guys! You deserve to own and not rent!

matthew said...

so cool you guys are finally getting what you need. Yes renting can not be good at times.

Trappin' & Coffee said...

Thanks Tiff and Matt! I can't wait to post pictures from the inside. The first thing I am going to buy are a couple of Lazy Boy chairs. I wouldn't consider myself a clothes shopper by any means, but I love the idea of shopping for a house!!! :)

Haviland's said...

hey there harris'
such a cool looking place and the little 'cabin' is neato!
hope all is going well this week!