Wood Pile

We dined on our first home grown turkey yesterday, a highlight for dessert included Paul Apfelbeck's specialized cheesecake. Overall, we drank plenty of coffee, laughed, and got to spend time with new people. Today, Jason's arm was twitching and after 5 years of marriage, you just know that his brain is geared for cutting wood. He didn't mention it to me, so I asked, "Jay, don't you want to get outside and cut some trees on our lot?" I have the crock pot prepared with stew, so off we were to "Narnia" to fell a few more Birch. Here are some of the shots, now we're inside, smell like sno-go exhaust, and giving into relaxing.

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nick schollmeier said...

Dianna and myself also spent 2 days this weekend getting wood. We were enjoying it so much we starting getting wood for other people. Today for a change of pace we set a crab pot. Different activity same trusty chainsaw.
How long before you guys get your own dogs and are gearing up for the Iditarod?