More Last Week Stuff

Sometimes the internet is your foe, as I have waited a week before I sat down to post these other pictures from last week. If there is an effort to post 6 pictures simultaneously, we might as well go to bed, eat breakfast, check the mail, then come see if there was any progress. Anyhow, with Thanksgiving break looming on the horizon, we're thrilled to celebrate with a new family of friends. The Kopps will be hosting us for Thanksgiving this year. Mr. Kopp and I both teach middle school, some days I feel as if it might be more appropriate to wear combat boots and wear camouflage to class. It's neat to work with him, his experience and insight have helped a new teacher greatly. Well, maybe we'll gear up for another ride this weekend; Jason keeps telling me that the chainsaw needs to get it's share of work this weekend.

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nick schollmeier said...

I am very jealous of the snow it looks like you have. In Elim we have a couple inches, enough to be a pain, but not to get the snowmachines out yet. I started it last week and just sat in neutral and gave it gas to listen to the engine run. Feel free to send some snow up this way.