Sunday Ride

We took an hour to explore the area. Romay persuaded me to get on the sled later on, that was an instant trip down memory lane! Jay showed us a beaver lodge and what do you know, a beaver snare through the ice nearby. What a piece of paradise we live in!


Jeni said...

oh, Kemper...so cute. Gosh, I wish we had that much snow. Always never on skype but always skype Tera and Doug, but not your sin buddy. Something is wrong with that picture. Hee Hee

DuneMoose said...

Trip down memory lane is right! I recall you draggin' in a sled in Koyuk Myra!! haha... I think it was to the store? Great times!
When is see Romay, I instantly hear Dan Akroyd's voice in that one movie where him and his wife can eat anything really fast, and wear a trench style coat with huge collars, "Take me to your leader."

meryl and james said...

Mmm, I miss the snow and being outdoors riding and smelling the exhaust from the sno-go! mmmm...good dreams tonight. :)