Tired Kids

The kids flew a 1900 with Frontier to Huslia and back where they participated in a softball tournament. I'm showing my age, 30 (i know, ha ha), when I tell the kids, "I had to wait until 9th grade to enjoy the priviledges of traveling." So, as much as I could withstand holding my large 1950's camera, I mean balancing the laptop using photobooth, here is the essence of what it captured on a cloudy cold day.

Tomorrow we're off to Anchorage, via Fairbanks, to meet up with family and friends for a wedding. Meryl Towarak marries James Bonelli (sounds like a film), well, has a nice ring to it...Meryl Bonelli, pretty exciting to meet up with them and just to think how I'll contain my extreme excitement to see familiar faces.

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Autumn Marie said...

hey myra, jason, ethan, n romay.
w-o-w! how are you guys? koyuk is doing fine. what have you guys been up to? how's school over there? must be fun. or tiring compared you your pictures ethan and romay! lol. but yeah. sure miss you guys! hope to see you guys soon. love n miss. take care! bye.