Real Cheap

We're without a camera, again, temporarily, I hope. Jay went with a friend to help move lumber up to their camp, somewhere in between, our screen was smashed, so there goes camera #2 in the last 2 years. Yeah, all the problem solvers that are reading this know we're getting a replacement under warranty, thank goodness. :) Happy 4th of July, there would've been some neat pictures, but bear with the insufficient summaries of the days activities.

-Jay and I baked a pumkin pie for our special 4th of July dessert, before it got too hot, this morning (sipping coffee, yum)
-Games in front of the snack bar, married vs. unmarried ladies in the tug o war...good thing the married ladies have their
laurels to rest on for one more year, it was a close one, but the married ladies prevailed...even in fancy sandals
-Jason won along with the married men against the single men in the tug-o-war, they made it look easy
-Ethan and Romay looking through a huge pile of sawdust, a mini scavenger hunt for change, Romay made out pretty good
with a ziplock half full of money
-Relaxing, reading through the classic, Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, even though I am rereading passages (any
modern book will be considered a calk walk, vocabulary wise)
-Jason playing catch with Ethan, softball constantly on the little boy's mind
-Kemper running away right before dinner as we had visitors, door was open, he got too hot and came home :)

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