Super Hero Identities?

Myra mentioned to me that it had been a couple of days since we have been able to post anything on the blog... we just got back from Colorado and though we have been doing a lot, have not really taken any new pictures or taken any time to sit down and compose anything. She suggested that I come up with something and so I have decided to take on the task of figuring out the identity of the super hero who seems to be everywhere when she is needed... who is this woman?

Strangely enough, she is always present when the need is the greatest... wherever there is injustice, she is there, wherever there is... why do I feel like three guys in sombraros are going to come riding out and ask me to tell them they will die like dogs... I'm getting off subject. It just always seems like she shows up just in the nick of time to save the day.

I know what you are thinking, perhaps she is not really a super hero, but just a normal person in super cool shades... but get this, when we lived in Koyuk, she showed up and saved the day. Now that we live in Galena, she is still able to show up and save the day. These are places separated by hundreds of miles with mountains in between. If that is not super, I don't know what is. I now can empathize with the befuddled members of the daily planet as they bumble through trying to figure out that Superman is truly Clark Kent. What a great disguise!

I think that I have stumbled upon something though... this picture looks extremely similar... maybe Myra has a twin sister and they were separated at birth?

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Haviland's said...

the glasses certainly had me leaning towards a super hero but the absence of the cape was throwing me for a loop ...