Thanks Kids

"Myra, hey, this is fun...can we paint our clothes?" Shortly after this comment, I was doing the work. :)

We saw a window of opportunity today to get some stain on the 'ol shop. Constant rain has been plaguing our area for weeks. Secretly, I was planning on just getting it all done myself today. Once the kids saw me getting on Jason's old clothes, I admitted my plans and they were then holding the brushes. I wanted to share in losing the brain cells, so I took over after 20 minutes. Somehow I finished the whole building, even through bouts of rain showers and my ever present doubts of the weather really cooperating. Jason must appreciate the 109th of 120th step being done on this building project. Oh how I wish we had a Home Depot, heck an SBS, down the road.


Haviland's said...

wow - getting all spruced up
sure hope it open the next time i'm in town :-)al

Trappin' & Coffee said...

Maybe I can cart the shop over to WMO for the V-Day Tourney :) Rudy ordered double shot lattes, he did accomplish his work that day (hee hee)

Tera said...

As long as you're going WMO, you might as well tote the shop to Unk. Or tour the Sound! Matt can make t-shirts.

Your shop is really coming along! I can't wait to visit!!! Do you make soy lattes? Or should I special order from Costco? AC sells soy milk, can you believe it?! AC is so organic. Yup, all the Otter Pops and Tang even. I joke! :D

Trappin' & Coffee said...

We do have T-Shirts! I'll have to put a picture of them on the blog :) I'd be more than happy to make a soy latte. Talking about soy, I used to eat these bars called Revival Soy Bars, until I got sick of them...used to mash up the bar and add GOBS of peanut butter so I couldn't taste the bar. Maybe I'll try the soy latte to get my isoflavones!