Romay and I got to spend some bonding time in a little bit of a father/daughter day. Of course Kemper had to come along. Much to Kemper and my complete enjoyment, Romay is not like a lot of the steroetypical daughters out there. Most dads and dogs when they spend father/daughter days are sentenced to walking the hall in the mall and perusing sales tables... in the case of Kemper he would still enjoy this as he would find things to eat on the sales counters.
I had promised Romay ealier that I would definitely take her duck hunting this weekend, and even with what appeared to be Hurricane Katrina beating on the beach out in front of Koyuk, we ventured out. Our usual pond that we hunt over looked more like one of the Great Lakes than a small inland pond. Getting there was impossible and after testing impossibility for what seemed like hours of driving over full sized willows and small spruce, we headed for plan b... we ran out of letters by the end of the day and some time after plan dd, we came home very wet and with a depressed dog... he had wanted to kill something all week and was now not getting the opportunity.
Well, it is getting late and Myra has fallen asleep while I have been writing this. Hope you enjoy the pictures of what we consider to be the world's perfect dog... Kemper.

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