Humble Beginnings

Most mornings the alarm goes off at 6 am. This morning my purpose in waking up was of a different nature, to start selling lattes! Well, you can tell that there are a few "minor" details missing on the building: hmmm, paint, the rest of the tin roof, insulation, and shelving to name a few. Once the generator was humming (I have a 2000 watt Honda) and while holding my breath, I checked to see if the appliances were actually working (afterall, I announced to the staff that I'd be selling at 7:30). To my delight, I could mark off "generator powers appliances" off my list. The next few minutes I really can't remember since I was literally running around and doing various preparations. Alas, Molly, Bev, and Allen (our cooks and maintenance man) show up and from there the morning smoothly breezed by, one latte at a time. 8:30 came around and I shut down to get ready for home schooling at 9. Overall, I am one happy caffeinated business lady! Today is Jeni's birthday too, so it'll be easier to remember when I opened. I've noticed my mind operated like this today...."Take out your math books" (latte latte latte) "and turn to page 16" (latte latte latte)..."Ethan, what did you get for question #1?' (latte latte latte) hee hee.


Douggie said...

I was thinkin'..... I hope you take all of your stuff back inside from the coffee hut once the day closes!!! We all know the youngsters in KKA can be mischevious beyond our ability to tolerate!! I also thought of the many years of memories on that old ball court your coffee stand now sits on. I can think of when I was 7 years old... I'd fly down to KKA from OME in the summer and go straight to grandma and grandpa's (my house) and the first thing after hugs would be a $5 dollar bill to go to the store for candy or what not. Well, this one time I flashed the money as I passed by the court and was talked into using the money to buy a couple of cans of chew for the 10 year olds!!! They gave the money to an adult to buy the stuff, and then once we got it, everyone (about 5 kids and the adult) took a pinch, and then they said I had to put the rest in my mouth for a first time sort of rite of passage. Within minutes I remember laying flat on my back sprawled on the court.... looking at the clouds in the sky wondering, "Why is the sky spinning?" hahaha!!! This other time, when I was about 12 or 13 I was ballin' with the guys on that court summertime. Wally Otton had brand new contacts that I think cost about $150 or something. They were hard lenses and got one jolted from his eye. Everyone stopped and searched every square inch of that court, and even started pulling boards to find that missing contact. After about 45 minutes of about 30 people searching, someone said, "Hey, what's that on your ear? (lobe)"
hahaha!!! The contact blew out of his eye and stuck to his sweat on his ear lobe!!! That was before the days of www.1800contacts.com
Another time, we were jumping our bikes onto the court. There used to be a sort of dirt ramp from the west side onto the court. About a 4 foot span. When Brandon Dewey was a young boy (always been tough) one of the guys loosened the nuts on the front tire entirely. They dared him to jump it.... Brandon pedalled hard to the face of the jump to land on the court... in mid-air the front wheel fell away. He landed back wheel first like we always did and then the front fork dug into the wood, he wiped out pretty bad. We were all in fear for him... he got up, no crying, no complaints... Oh that old court!!

Trappin' & Coffee said...

so that's what i saw on wally's ear lobe at the x-country meet :) your stories are priceless, wonder who the adult was who bought you a can of chew...hmmmm...brandon probably would react the same way in a bike stunt, annette would be doing all the talking! later douggie.

Tera said...

Dude, do you ship to the villages? :)

I can't wait to visit KKA and get a latte!!! I'll be heading up there sometime in the next month or so. A business trip. (Tee hee hee! Try to be real professional. :) )

I'm so excited for you and your business venture!