Need to get my camera fixed!

Romay entertained me with her cavewoman personality one rainy day. You can't see this, but she took a pair of (I thought they were old, but they were new) socks and cut holes for her toes and painted them black. of course, ethan was outside somewhere, he only comes in to eat meals and do his daily reading. i told him that i miss him around and he says, "i miss you too momsis, BYE!" :) sympathy, anyone??

Ah, Kemper and I snuggling in the morning with a cup of coffee. Where's Jason? He's off in Unalakleet at the teacher inservice, working, sweating, thinking...I'll get there....later. :) Actually, I was saying to myself how I need to get our camera fixed SOON. My motivation is the fact that I'm tired of using my computer to take these photos, rather than the basic fact that it needs to be fixed. Heck, we live in bush Alaska and everyday I see something or experience something worthwhile that everyone should see. Jay does come home today, the unspoken tradition is to meet him up at the airport WITH Kemper. I'd bring the kids too, it's just that Kemper goes just about everywhere with mom.

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