Looking Back to Michigan

Seems like Dennis (yeah YOU dad!) was ALWAYS giving me a hard time, those of you that know him, know what I mean :) I have the best in-laws! One day Dennis says, "Eskimo's to the back of the van" as we were driving somewhere...you can bet I had my 2 cents in return. There's something nice about being comfortable enough to say things like this with your father in law. Nancy is an super busy body! She always seems to make time to listen and give GREAT insight when you chit chat with her. One of the things I miss listening to is Dennis and Nancy interacting, it's priceless! THANK YOU MOM AND DAD for your warm home and ways you blessed Jay and I.

Jason and I felt priviledged to take a couple of weeks away from home and the main reason is, we were without the kids! Although this may sound a bit harsh towards the kids, all you parents out there completely understand. In fact, getting away helps you in becoming a better parent (we believe).

How did Jason get so tall? Where did those genes come from? Wonder if we'll have tall kids someday?

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