July Trip

You may already know that we ventured from Galena down to the Kenai Peninsula to visit friends and to do a little fishing, almost a MONTH ago. Although its taken me a few weeks to post, consider the fact that, because we are technically renting a place to live while we await closing on our house, we haven't had regular access to the internet. Well, I can hardly excuse my own self for not posting these sooner, in fact, I am in Nome visiting my grandmother, where I can do such posting business! The trip. It was quite an experience to feel the rolling waves and coordinate pulling a relatively heavy fish, but the Harris' caught on' (oops, haha) quickly and would definitely like to return next summer if time and money permit. For the most part, the gentlemen on the boat were amazed with Romay and she kind of just acted like a spotlight was on her the whole time we were fishing. "Wow, only 11!" "Imagine how she'll fish when she's 16!" Let's just say that she won the heart of the captain, who allowed her on the steering deck as we were driving the hour and a half back to Homer. I just know that I will catch up with blogging as the inevitable school year is rolling in, so I'll save more for later.


Harriette said...

Romay's grandfather's are both from "the sea", that's why when she out there- she's happy.

Trappin' & Coffee said...

heehee, thanks Mom