Sweet Times

I had the priviledge to travel to Nome and be with Gram and have her all to myself :)
A cup of this is equivalent to several oranges in vitamin C.
Gram dresses up to go the the post office. Whenever we go somewhere, we run into someone she knows. I remember standing by her or Papa for 15-20 minutes while they'd visit with others at the store, PO, just out and about. I loved it!
A pair of Gram's handiwork.

I spent a week in Nome with Gram, just the two of us and did we have a lot to catch up on. We talked a lot about Papa (passed in '97). Gram had a lot to say about their younger years, how they met, their early marriage years and then on. It was as if 60 years hadn't passed and all the events had happened yesterday. The photos of Papa really left a deep impression on me. The picture of him is when he was in his late 20's or early 30's. The photo is of him doing the 2 foot high kick during the 4th of July games (he was the winning participant that year). As a child, I knew of him from his sixties until his passing and I always knew he was a strong man. I was fortunate to have Gram pass down stories from a lifetime in which I did not experience. Gram is doing well and trusts God each day for her well being. We had a chance to do some salmonberry picking, something that I will never take for granted as there isn't much of them in interior Alaska. Visiting in Nome, in a way, changed me for the better. Living in Galena, although Alaska, is a different culture, it's as if Gram helped me to remember where I come from.


Elaine said...

Aww...how sweet. You made me all teary eyed. You and your gram have such a special relationship its so heart warming to see. I love how eyes beam and she lights up when she talks about you! I'm glad you were able to spend some alone time with her!

Jeni said...

Geez, make me want to cry real hard. I didn't realize what a special time it was with Gram. You two have a unique relationship and am thankful for that for both you. I miss you a ton!

Haviland's said...

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