We're Moving Out!

The day has arrived. Today our lease is up and that means we are spending the night at our temporary housing residence tonight! All kinds of excitement is felt by all, it just means we are one more step towards moving into our new place...AND all the boxes will be ready to move easily. Although we will technically be moving twice, at least the 'STUFF' will be ready to grab and transported once 'THE DAY' arrives and we sign the dotted line(s) in owning a place. So, since I'm not sure when we will post next, I will quickly give an update in pictures. This is an exceptionally busy week (which one isn't?) as we will be traveling to Fairbanks on saturday for one week to take care of business. Romay will bunk with a family here in Galena as Jay and I will be enjoying the priviledges of a credit card and grande sized coffee cups filled with yummy lattes!
Our sustenance for this evening, the element of easiness is the most important factor, throw in a pot, heat and eat.
The planting was done before June this year!
Scott planting his cabbages. Haha, I just thought of 'Garbage Pail Kids' remember them? Weird.
We planted potatoes (even purple colored ones!), peas, carrots, radishes and transplanted our cabbage. We have friends that are expert gardeners (they grow corn and watermelon in Galena!...that should give you an idea), thanks to their help in getting us started.
Greenery! Beautiful here in Galena!

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Haviland's said...

Cool, Awesome, Incredible, Wow!!
How exciting!
I am so happy for you!