Jason's Birthday

I've got to get better orientated with the order in which I post the pictures...so we'll go backwards...AGAIN...okay. These first couple of photos are of one of the most basic, sometimes essential, pieces of furniture. Well, while waiting...and waiting...and waiting...for the bank to get their business in order, we Harris' stay busy. This coffeetable was built, literally, pretty much from scratch. Jason is now powered with a table saw and we 'found' some old local milled cottonwood underneath the parsonage. It seemed to look quite weathered and probably would go to waste, so we put our heads together and began ripping some boards into cleaner looking lengths. You can imagine how much gratification we were receiving, instant, and unlike dealing with a bloodsucking, or ummm....labor intense banking process, our minds could get a break from the 'what if this...what if that...' emotional deal. I can't help but think of Papa (Howard Slwooko Sr) while working with Jay. I only knew him in his 60's and 70's, but man did he teach me a few work ethic lessons through little jobs. He loved Gram dearly and now that I'm married, I can see and understand how much a marriage relationship is a blessing through a couple. Anyways, before I get on that rabbit trail, I'll post the cottonwood coffeetable pictures.

Jason celebrated his 31st birthday on June 26th. Not only did Romay and I have 'Dad's' birthday to think about, but also Kempers! This is the first time we've been with our beloved yellow lab on his birthday. Just to give you an idea of how much he is a part of the family, he ate the same biscuits, scrambled eggs and bacon with us for his birthday breakfast. You see, part of making Jason feel special on his day, is to treat the dog in a special way. So, that works for us.

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Harriette said...

Happy Birthday Jason Harris,by the glow of the candles you seem real old. Are you trying to catch up to me? Love you tremendously!