We may be in the same boat, but some of us have bigger cabins...

That is the quote from the current project going together, a 1000 pieced puzzle.

Gram and Jason gave each other a high five shortly after this picture was taken, they really are progressive puzzlers. They celebrate the pieces coming together.

Big Game Hunter, now the PS2 is in her room! (no puzzling for Romay)

Myra's in that picture to add space, she's a wanna be puzzler...

Romay is a bright kid, BUT look at Gram still going at it!

Tutuwak (moose)...Taking a break from puzzling to snap a shot.


Eluciq said...

ah...puzzles are pretty fun! our family did a big 1000 piece puzzle and our goal was to have it done by Christmas Eve...as it was a Santa puzzle...WE are now in search for another puzzle to do. Love seeing how you are spending your break!

hope you have a wonderful NEW Year!

Anonymous said...

The first two pics look like they were taken with someone taller than Jay.

Also, is that moose squatting for a poop?