Just like 'ol times

Generally we're always looking for people to ski, snowshoe, go sledding, or anything else with; Jeni fits that bill perfectly! Not only that, but she has always been such a supportive and awesome friend to Jason and I. So, after Jeni's day of rest from traveling, we decided to hit the trails around Galena behind our lot. Romay and Sarah were equally excited since they got to drive the snowmachine; boy did they have silly grins on their faces the whole time. The snow behind our lot is around 3-4 feet, Romay and Sarah managed to turn around in the powder, all the while, giggling and maybe the most important factor, not getting stuck. Of course we came home and loved gorging on the yummy food we have stored around the house...guacamole and chips, cheesecake, etc...I'm basically trying to stay up with all the fun we're having around here!

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