Simply, FYI from our house to yours!!

Spring. Only 3 weeks of school left after this week is over! Jason mentioned how he has goose bumps from the mention of duck hunting, we ate a goose that was caught last fall for dinner tonight. The meat was falling off the legs and the breast meat was phenomenally moist and tasty! Jay and I have adopted the tradition of getting up at 5 am and going out to Mukluk to hunt birds, only to return at 8 am, just in time for work! :) One year I showed up at a morning meeting with rubber boots, reeeeal village girl I am I guess.

Changes. Next year I'll step into a new role as a home schooling mom for Ethan and Romay. This has it's benefits. One, we can "put God back into school." This means learning history with God in the process! It is always amazing how "hush hush" public school is about the "real" history of our nation. Two, with the transition of the kids coming from Nome, they can play a little catch up with their levels and get ahead. We have lots of ideas and more than 1/2 of the real good ideas are the kids ideas! I'm excited that the kids are excited about learning at home with me. Secondly, I'll be returning to school for a masters degree in rural development. This has another story and I have reasons for going for this particular degree. Rural development is a great fit for me, a natural next step for a Native educator wanting to learn more about history and current issues regarding the corporate world and rural life. Jason will have to teach in a classroom in which his wife is no longer a neighbor :( Even the little things affect us. That is Jason's big change as he will return to teach reading.

Exercise. Jay and I have been running more on the treadmill. Secretly, I'm hoping to kick his butt this summer in our little runs up the road. You know how wirey he is, like he hardly has to work and makes running look natural. Well, people like me and my physique require work. Yeah, I enjoy competition.

Just hoping that you all are doing well.....That your tables are full of food and friends from time to time. We can't wait to meet up with "you" this summer!!!


pixellust said...

I'm in yur food cache, stealing yur goosez...

Tera said...

Wow My! I'm so excited for you! (Even though this means not seeing you at teacher inservices..haha!) Oo, I can't wait to hear what you're learning! :) Everyday I get more and more excited to live closer to all my frens. I can't wait to sit with you and drink some kuukpiaq and talk about the glories of life (i.e., our most recent impression of the ladies at Jamboree or memories of funny-phone-calling).

What are you most looking forward to for next year?

(I'm also still waiting for Ethan and Romay to post on the blog. Let's go kids! Kii-ta!)

Trappin' & Coffee said...

aara you make me laugh (kii-ta). if possible, i'd still like to go to inservices to stay connected since i will hopefully return to teach, that is in the plan anyways. i can't wait to have ethan and romay's excitement and love of learning at home. a bit anxious about returning to school. i have all these crazy ideas, for example, what if we were to help out with 1A regionals. "conference" man i love dreaming about fun things to do with you again!!! (jason is scared)