Students Ask....

There is officially 5 weeks left of school, you can imagine the amount of anticipation Jay and I are beginning to feel as the temperatures and light increase, thus summer creeping closer and closer. We've both invested 6 years in the BSSD and take time to recount the memories. This past week I had inquiring students that asked, "so, how did you and Jason meet?" The answer can take interesting perspectives, depending on what you think of when one mentions, "Nome."
Ours was quite innocent, we were both there taking a class to become certified coaches through the district, in a weekend. Actually, to begin with, I felt shy around Jason, yet comfortable. I recount leaving the class friday evening and this energetic, tall, outspoken man approaches me and practically vibrates with emotion and zeal, "hey, you're that famous girl on the BSSD poster...." "Yeah." WHAT a response! And I cooly turn around, feeling like I had just been on a smooth plane ride and hit some unexpected turbulence. Well, that wasn't the end. The next week in Unalakleet the October inservince happened to be going on and this time I was "prepared" to talk and interact with Jay. It wasn't like I was intimidated, just knowing that I had not given him a just sounding response to his question the week before. Whaddya know, we ended up playing pick up basketball games the first evening, PERFECT, well, for me. Jason was a swimmer in college, a liberal arts division III school in Michigan. As you can imagine, coming from Unalakleet, I'd say that I was a bit of a maniac when it came to basketball. At that time in my life, if someone played basketball with me, it was like going on a cruise together with special friends. I'll remember your name, address, whatever and I am TERRIBLE with names!! Well, Jason continued to pursue after a week of inservice with email and eventual phone calls and even a trip out to Elim! BSSD, it's not the first time the district has brought two people together, wonder how many married folks are out there through district events?


pixellust said...

Even though I met only a few of your boyfriends, I didn't really like any of them. "Psh, who's this guy who thinks he can date my sister?" - type of attitude. Dennis was alright, but he's Dennis. Thurman, well, not too sure about him. But when I met Jason, I liked him almost instantly. Well, after the first hour of trying to find something wrong with him, to which I can tell you about. But, didn't find anything wrong, or bad about him.

Overall, I am happy for both of you!

Douggie said...

Tremendous photography!! Boy... how often do adult non-parents think that way in the village? hahaha!!! There are not enough stars in the sky!!