More GLV-KKA trip pics...

I couldn't help but share some of these other photos we took from our GLV trip. In one of these, you can see the young ice where the older ice had split. At night, the young ice has the appearance of thinly crusted ice, deceiving and is quite black lookin'. Plus, Elim has the right conditions to be able to crab, which you see Jason checkin' out the pots. We've been lucky enough to get some from Mar's brother. We're lookin' forward to the mushers coming through and let's not forget the teachers sacred holiday, spring break.


Douggie said...

Save The Planet!! Global Warming!! Hahaha!!! Hardly, ah?
"Every year, there is less old ice, and more and more young ice. The sad effects of Global Warming are a reality near Elim."
-Myra Harris, 2007

Trappin' & Coffee said...

"On my fly by studies of the polar ice caps, I have noticed an amazing decrease in the world's ice reserves. Many more deficit years and Nevada will be ocean front property."- Doug Swanson (Green Peace Pilot) 2007
I am a large fan of your studies Doug and always appreciate your comments. (Jay)

Douggie said...

"Very concerned about the welfare of our planet, Myra and I are determined to saved our planet. We believe that another world evolving in such a beautiful way as our Mother Earth has, is very minimal. So we would like to preserve what we have now. I modified my Ski-Doo to run on corn-oil. We now use a Hemp Rope to pull our sled, and all of my successful traps are a soft rubber jaw and I practice catch and release. Before I release my Ermine, I even feed them Cheerio's, because it's good for the heart. I appreciate very much the work former flesh killing, tundra rippin', ATV'ing eskimo Doug Swanson now does for Green Peace. I urge any readers to donate to Doug's effort just as I do... 30% of my annual gross. Please chip in!! Let's give my... rather, OUR children and grandchildren, and great-granchildren a place to go play out winter-time in the future!!"
Jay Harris, 2007

Jay... your support and kind words are much more appreciated by the Polar Bears then they are by me! Keep on keeping on! Doug Swanson